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a third of the senators are up every two years. it doesn't happen to be a good deal of the hand. >> on paper. we can get connecticut, dell wear. we went over the states. wisconsin if tommy thompson gets in. harry reid. >> we have republicans retouring. i am sick of these honorable republicans honoring their term limits. we could lose new hampshire if judd gregory tires. don't get your hopes up on the senate. >> the house? >> we have a lot of seats to pick up. don't plan on -- work hard. don't raise expectations this is a really, really tough year. >> i am saying never underestimate the ability of republicans to blow it. >> one is they could blow it. he is by not putting up a big fight on crazy supreme court nominee. they put up a fight it will help republicans i am measurably>> how about the effort to infiltrate the tea party movement only about 30 seconds. >> shocking.
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the only thing that's shocking is they are stupid enough to put it on-line. i have been saying from the beginning as we know the only acts of violence any of these tea parties or town halls bad violence has been committed by liberals. a black guy beaten up in st. louis hospitalized in california conservative had his finger bitten off by a liberal at a town hall and a woman holding up obama as hitler sign. all of the left wing provable crazy behaviors that have been liberal owe far i am surprised the liberals are saying let's pretended to be tea partiers and misspell our sign. we knew you were liberals. >> colter always fun to have you. james dobson coming up on how to raise little girls. let not your heart be troubled when we come back our great, great, great american panel up next.
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>> tonight on our great, great, great american panel former assistant secretary of state usa columnist. i get more comments on him bob beckel is here. she is the former chairwoman for the denver county republicans republican strategist mary smith joins us. actor director bet best known f his role on cheerson wrath lis berger is with us. we have another bowing picture of the president. the white house signs are don't
4:36 am
expect america to be number one forever bob. american exceptionalism doesn't exist with this radical president. >> didn't start off that way did you. >> no. >> if you go back and look at the president pictures with the chinese prime minister with george bush with bill clinton and gw bush go all of the way back everybody boys. >> nobody goes around apologizing -- >> did he apologize for something? >> america is an arrogant country. his wife said america is a down right mean country in 2008. >> when the republicans are in power it's true. >> everybody know why they took the bust of winston churchill out of office? >> the first week. >> i have heard that happen but i don't know you guys are insiders. >> i don't know. >> explain the national security thing. i don't know. we are going to get hit with biochemical weapons or crippling cyber attack and no nukes. the president tells us this weekend that al qaeda is trying
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to get nuclear weapons but we are cutting ours in half and iran has the right to nuclear power. help me out. >> i think it's interesting that obama seems to be saying something like whisper and leave your stick at home. that doesn't make any sense to any one that i know of. you really have to be going some to be bowing to other leaders and it's one thing to pay re respect, it's another thing to not rerespect what you are doing at home. >> one of the things he met with this guy the president of uzbekistan, friend of yours buckl -- beckel. this is the state department 2009 report on this countrywide spread human rights violations limits on people's freedom of speech, freedom of the press, assembly, unhealthy prison conditions, arbitrary arrest and
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detention he compares our country to their country. >> you just said can you help me out here. >> thank you. >> start reading something factual. the reality is haven't negotiated nuclear arms treaties with all due respect you know very little understanding of and republicans shoot their mouths off have no power. >> it's not going to pass lieberman. >> there's a cyber attack on our country let's say they take the whole net down. we are going to drop a nuclear weapon on somebody and kill 20 million people? >> i am suggesting that you don't take weapons off the table>> he is wrong. >> we signed a treaty that was the end product of the negotiation between three presidents. >> where are european friends in all of this right now? >> they are aboard this treaty. i have to tell you that. >> americans won't get it passed in the senate. >> that's right. you have winners there. >> do they have this commission
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on human rights just against israel, the sank israel and they sanctioned the country but no other country was mentioned. sudan wasn't mentioned. >> there was a report in the israeli papers that we are withholding sales of nuclear arms parts to israel after the snub of netanyahu and last week the president said that the administration said we are not going to use the term islamic extremists any more. did they all of a sudden disappear? oo allentown in florida he was running for congress. >> west. >> will he be on the show monday night. he said there's no such thing as a war on terrorism. it's like it's the war on midstream or the war on kamikase without mentioning the japanese for the germans. >> israel does not acknowledge it has nuclear weapons.
4:40 am
number two we do not sell nuclear parts to israel. when netanyahu announced the is he elements -- >> get over it. too bad. >> too bad? 4 billion a year we give them. >> he's ruining the economy. >> the economic signs, the greatest economic recovery -- >> 40 percent approval rating. >> it's horrible but will get better. >> greta van susteren, let's see what's coming up on "the record." >> newt gingrich is here and he brought with him a special guest in the second part of our interview. dana per reno is here and governor palin is waiting for a phone call. we have it all on tape. we are going to play it for you and the viewers. listen on satellite radio when you ride home tonight and you are not listening like you should be. >> when we come back our great
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great great american panel continues and dr. james dobson, how do we bring up daughters. i have to figure this out. let's coming up straight ahead.
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4:45 am
party movement to the clan. now there's an effort to infiltrate the tea party movement so they can em ba emba the movement and alienate the tea party from the american people. here's what bothers me racist voice mails left for obama care nobo nobodi nobody pays attention. let's play the tape. >> you sounded like such a slave on the fox news program. >>er reck cantor, obama supporter. why -- what do you think these attacks against the tea party movement are about? >> i am a coffee drinker what i know is people have a right to stand up for what they want and to peacefully talk about it in the company they agree with. there are people who are bad people on both sides.
4:46 am
i don't think bigotry -- >> concerted effort to show up at tea parties april 15th tax day on thursday we will be in cincinnati. we will be holding up signs with misspelled words trying to get on interviews use racial epitaphs to embarrass the tea party movement. >> it's a threat. they see it as a threat and understand it. they understand it's growing. i spent a lot of time in our country between new york and los angeles. people wonder why kids can't walk to and from school. in one generation used to be fine ride your bike to the school. is that supreme court because of the miranda division nobody knows. you don't have the freedoms you used to have. that's a frustration. >> the idea that somehow the tea party is responsible -- a lot of people pe feel that way two yout cooks. i have been around that before they were infiltrated. i told my cousin not to make
4:47 am
those calls. the point is you didn't -- we didn't mention on the show that senator from washington gets calls and threatened and fbi arrested somebody. >> you get called and threatened. i get called and threatened. >> maybe that's true. >> the last one was nasty. somebody said they would string me up. i won't get into it. you know how many people asked me to throw this football at your head. >> i understand i am the focus of rage. i can take it. >> to purposebly try to alienate a group with the majority you have healthcare being so close is because americans patriots with loud voices said not only no, hell no, we don't want the bribery corruption. >> my problem is connecting that up and give that go credit to the tea mar party movement. >> 40 percent democrat 40 percent independent. >> we will see. >> we will see in november.
4:48 am
the silent majority is exactly that. they are the silent majority. they have strong feelings and they are going to move in mass against the policies of the obama administration. i think we will see a lot of movement in november. >> i don't think bob and his friends have any include come november. >> we have an idea. i don't think it will be nearly as bad as you do. the economy is roaring back. >> coming up founder of focus on the family dr. james dobson the family dr. james dobson talks about his book raising
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>> in his book bringing up boys sold over 2 million copies and is considered to be the most well-known resources for parents raising boys. now jo james dobson is set to release the long-awaited sequel to the book called "bringing up girls" practical advice and encouragement for those shaping the next generation of women. i would shake your hand but i am fight ago cold. >> i can hear it. >> i don't want to get you sick. i have an 11-year-old boy and your first book i loved. i am reading this book now i have an 8-year-old girl. why am i more fearful of raising a daughter than a son. >> because girls are more
4:53 am
complex than boys. took me three years to write this book, sean. i poured my heart and soul into it. i had 3,500 pages of research and reference material. i got lost in it. there is an awful lot there. >> you sequestered yourself away from it. >> i did and my wife finally said get it done. >> what are the big differences. we all know the basic problems sex, drugs, alcohol, promiscuity all of this. it seems like tlooesz been a shift. almost like the girls are more aggressive than the boys in a lot of these areas. what's happening? >> there's a lot of evidence of internal turmoil in girls the second chapter of this book is girls in peril. it's really true if you just look at what is happening there anorexia and bulimia, 90 percent of the children with eating
4:54 am
disorders are girls. and it starts sometimes at 5 years of age. then there's piercing and there's cutting and there's sexual aggression and violence. there's an epidemic of violence among girls today. >> you know, all of which is true and all of which i agree with. it's funny as i am raising my son i can be firmer with him i feel. you have a whole chapter young women talking about their dads. there's a special bond, a special relationship a father -- it's not this appendage from the past he's a critical components in the success in raising a daughter. >> far more than people have realized. it's just incredibincredible. girls are very vulnerable to their fathers. their self-esteem, confidence sense of identity are related more to their fathers than their mothers. and fathers who think that is
4:55 am
women's work to raise a girl and who kind of look past their daughters, they are really doing the girls a disservice because girls desperately need their dads. >> and they need their moms, too. this is the problem with the divorce rate which focus on the family with you you have been a part of for so many years was highlighting to the country that the divorce is devastating every single time on kids. how does somebody like myself, i am a christian catholic conservative. that's how i identify myself. i am a christian. how -- when i talk about for example when i teach my kids that they should wait until marriage on issues like sex, people tell me that i should have been born in the 30s, 40s and 50s. i think i am just living out a traditional life that used to be the norm. >> the culture was much more friendly to parenting and to
4:56 am
children 30 or 40 years ago. and just because we have moved away from some of those values doesn't mean it's better. the truth of the matter is culture is at war with parents today. they make it far -- it makes it far more difficult to raise healthy, responsible kids than even 10 or 15 years ago. >> these are the tough questions that you raise and answer in the book. how do you talk to your -- as a parent to your children in this case your daughter specifically about issues that are very hard for any parent to talk about, sex, drugs, bullying, alcohol all of the things that you were mentioning earlier? >> it comes out of relationship. you can't just sit down and start talking about those kind of delicate issues when you haven't given them time, when you haven't talked to them about other things. when you haven't touched them, when you have ignored them. all of a sudden you are going to sit down and tell them how to
4:57 am
live their lives. it doesn't work that way. you begin with the kind of time you are investing in your kids with tennis. who knows what else. >> i am a crazy tennis parent. >> i know how you care wi -- ab your children. >> i do. >> from that you build the kind of connection that allows you to tell them what you believe. >> i know some people have a hard time with it. i really up to this point. my son is 11 my daughter is 8. i have not had too much of a problem. but i don't have any problems talking to my kids about the moral choices that they will face as they get older. we are talking it all of the time. >> you are on the verge of adolescence. you are going to have it for a long time. >> are you warning me? >> but -- >> charming your daughter, puberty and adolescence. >> all of those things. you know the relationship really ought to start early. that's what you are trying to do. it is certainly what my wife and
4:58 am
i try to do with our son and daughter. little things. i used to get up on a saturday morning and take my 5-year-old daughter to a sandbox and i had a school nearby. we would make motes and we would make castles and do all those things and ride our bikes on to a taco stand and spend two or three hours together on a saturday. i am telling you that pays dividends. my daughter is now grown. so is my son. i talk to them nearly every day. >> let me ask you one last important question. i think parents need to be on the same page. often times they are not. what do you do when parents either a aren't getting along, b aren't on the same page or c going as far as a divorce? how does that complicate things raising your kids? >> i said in that book and i really believe it, children ought to have priority. if you really are concerned about them, if you love them, if
4:59 am
you care for them you will get together out of the hearing of the children and talk through those things and figure out the best way with what you have got. >> they selfishly put aside whatever they want and stay together and work out their differences? >> children are worth the sacrifice. whatever it costs you. because that's probably the most important thing you will do with your life. >> very profound. dr. dobson. i love this book. i have been waiting for it. i am going to finish it tonight on my flight. i appreciate you being with us. >> get over your cold. >> i am hoping. >> i hope i don't come away with it. i am trying not to shake hands. cross country tour continues tomorrow we head to the vil lambs in florida. we will be followed wednesday in atlanta georgia. final show thursday from cincinnati. tax day april 15th. details about the tour and the book are on my web site and how you can be a part of the "hannity" program. c

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